I read of watchers

of the people that look

they see everything around them

there's nothing they don't notice

they take it all in

file it away

to be recovered at a time

where it may be needed

I think

this is me

this is who I am

I am a watcher

I see everything

I am a people that look


they don't like that I look

that I'm always looking

I'm always watching

sometimes they yell

sometimes their


swing around

they don't like

that I can see them

that I've seen them

I read of people like me

I wonder

where are they?

Where are my people?

I am never part of the action

always watching

watching from the sidelines

thinking that subliminal messages

don't work quite as well

as they do in the stories

Are there really people

who see what I see?

Really people who know

what I know?

Those characters from

author's minds

where are they developed?

Are they real?

Are they real like me?

Am I real?

If I'm not

What author thought me up?

Where does my story line go

if I do nothing but look?

What would my title be?

The watcher.

Who I am.

A people that look.

The way of the world.

That would be it.

The way of the world.

because that

is what guns are for

not for the watchers.

Who would I be

in my story?


Damsel in Distress?