Never Say Now

Scribbles on a piece of paper, never anything new
This is a tale as old as time...

The broad-light rainbow spectrum filters through the window
Making every little dream come true

Fearful for one moment, forgiving in the next
Finding the simple explanation, forgetting the rest

Lying in the transcendent embrace, together
We watch the musical night float onward

As I leave, I wonder if the world falls apart
As they follow, I wonder about the start

Fire rains from eyes, the colours of misery so deep
Their exuberance will not fade for centuries

Look how they shine, only for us
Contagious, a song tuned to our souls

Walk along with me, just a few more steps
Hear my words, travelling at the speed of light

Becoming a shadow, wistful and hungry
Walls crumble, but I will build them up again

I hear you passing through me, beautifully haunting
Falling like a rock, lost inside a dream

Never going to lose what matters most to me
Not again; we are all innocent

I taste you everywhere, and it drowns me
They live in my thoughts

Someone stares into the future with a weak smile
Feel something, forget something, find something, lose something

Promises are not needed, so never say good-bye
Moonlight can carry the message tonight