For lack of a roleplay and for lack of a Blake…I must write? Because it is 8 in the morning and I haven't been asleep yet, don't plan on even trying.

So, I must find ways to stay awake!

This is one of them… so, seeing as I'm dead tired and have a puppy nipping at my toes, this is probably going to be the crappiest thing I have ever written in my life. :3

I still like reviews though. Mwhaha.


If you ever met Adrian, you would know that he was the calm quiet type who didn't give a fuck about what anyone thought about him – unless the thought was that he was weak, then he'd beat the shit out of someone just to prove it wasn't true. He was a big guy, standing about 6'1" with a muscular – but not disgustingly so – build and black gelled back hair with beautiful hazel eyes. Hard and cold, but beautiful in their own sad kind of way.

I am sixteen-years-old and he's twenty-four. I have lived with him just about all my life, because his parents kicked him out when he was about my age and my mother and father took him in. He used to be a great loving guy, that's what my mom always tells me, but when dad passed away he became what he is now, a cold-hearted sad guy. Now, don't get me wrong he's never been mean to me and he loves my mom to pieces, but he's not happy. It's really easy to tell once you get to know him.

Now me, I'm a way to skinny sixteen-year-old guy that has no friends and stays home to read all day. Yeah, I'm not as badass as I wish I could be, but there's not really anything I can do about that. Nobody likes me and I'm not going to change just so they do. Well, now that you know about us, I should get on with the story, I guess.

It was around midnight when I heard a faint knock on my bedroom door, and I looked up from my book, cocking an eyebrow slightly. No one ever knocks… so, I put my book on the bedside table and brought my knees to my chest, waiting for whomever it was to come in, but when there was another knock, I just sighed and called a soft, "come in.", really hoping it wasn't my mom bearing bad news.

When the door opened, it revealed none other than… I bet you can guess, right?

If you were thinking Adrian you were correct. When he opened the door his face was flushed, his normally slicked back hair was down in his face from where his gel had been worn out and he reeked off cigarette smoke and booze. I sighed again; it was obvious he'd been down to the bar. He always went there when things got to hard for him to handle. I've learned his habits pretty well.

"Gavin?" His voice was soft as he stepped through the door and into the dim light that the lamp right beside my bed was producing. My eyes immediately locked on his bleeding arm and I gasped. "Gavin?" he repeated, desperation filling his voice and I could just now see the tears running down his face. I'd never seen him cry before…

I scrambled up from my bed, avoiding getting my feet tangled in the covers and tripping. "Adrian, what did you do to yourself?" I asked, my voice soft as I was trying to hold back my own tears as I stood in from of him, gently taking his arm and examining it. I shook my head and he sniffled, gently taking his arm away from me.

"I hurt."

It was a simple statement, and his breath smelled an awful lot like JD, but nonetheless it was obvious. I brushed passed him, taking his uninjured hand in mine and leading him slowly to the bathroom, to avoid tripping over the shoes that I knew I threw somewhere. When we finally arrived at our destination, I had him sit down on the toilet and hold his arm out to me.

Slowly and gently, I cleaned out the several deep gashes, biting my lip to keep the tears that threatened to spill away. I never thought he'd amount to something like this, I thought he was stronger… but I guess we all have our breaking points, don't we?

He continued to sniffle and wince every now and then, as I wrapped his arm in medicated gauze tape, glad for once that my mother was a nurse so we had these kind of things lying around the house. "Are you okay?" I asked softly, and he shook his head, making me bite down on my bottom lip again.

"I hurt."

His eyes filled with more tears and I slowly reached my hand out and placed it on his chest, feeling his heavy heartbeat. "Here?" I asked softly and he nodded his head, allowing tears to spill. So, I did what I thought would be best. I got down on my knees in front of him, in between his legs and wrapped my slender arms around his neck, allowing him to bury his face in the crook of my own neck and cry.

That's exactly what he did, too. He wrapped his arms around me and sobbed for what seemed like forever – but only turned out to be about thirty minutes or so, still a long time. When he pulled away from me he wiped his eyes with his uninjured arm and looked down at me, offering the faintest of smiles.

I reached up with a shaky hand and placed it on his cheek, running the pad of my thumb under those brilliant hazel eyes and he closed them, leaning into the touch. Without opening his eyes and looking at me, he simply said the words, "I love you." which made me stop my actions immediately, but I still didn't move my hand from his face.

"I love you," he said again, this time softer than before as he let his eyes open. "You make the hurt in my heart go away." I couldn't help the small smile that pulled at my lips. "Will you…" he stopped for a moment, looking away from me and to the ground, but I shifted my hand from his cheek and to his chin, making him look at me again. "Will you kiss me?"

I immediately blushed and let my hand fall from his chin and run down his chest, before resting on his knee. His gaze met mine and I nodded slowly, lifting myself up a bit and pressing my soft lips to his more rough ones. Immediately the taste of alcohol and cigarettes filled my senses and he slowly and expectantly opened his mouth for me.

Embarrassed, I hesitantly let my tongue wander through his mouth, tasting every inch and occasionally stopping to tease his own tongue. When I pulled away, I was panting slightly and so was he, but that didn't stop him from leaning forward and pressing a soft and chaste kiss to my lips before sitting back again.

"I love you too…" I answered slowly.