I had scribbled 6 chapters and gone into hibernation for about 3 years. Yes, I know – I am a horrible person. However, I hope I can make it up to all those who read, loved and reviewed. Re-writing all 6 chapters and I will be adding more soon. Watch out for more amazing male-on-male loving and distasteful jokes!


- By Satan'z Myth

CHAPTER 1 : What is Caleb doing on me?

"Hey Nick, can I sit here?" Natalie batted her eye lashes at me, almost thrusting her double Ds into my face.

It was bit of a universal fact that the seat next to me was reserved, but she took my obvious appreciation of (read: drooling over) her breasts as approval as she proceeded to move in to the seat next to me.

"Sorry babe, that place is exclusively reserved for my sweeter-than-thine ass." My best friend Caleb made his entry into class. I watched her making a face at him and going to the back of the class.

"Nick, what gives?" Caleb scrunched up his face at me. "I thought she's "way too fake for you"," Caleb air quoted.

"Sorry, mate," I said apologetically. "But she thrust her boobs at me."

Caleb gave me a pathetic look. "Oh, what a hard life."

"Very hard, yeah," I joked, finally earning a smile from Caleb.

"Now what is hard, may I know?" our friend Carter.

I was on the verge of saying, 'No, you may not,' but was cut off by Caleb, "This History chapter on the Mesopotamian Civilization."

"But, we didn't even start the chapter!" He retorted. "You, pal, need a life."

I shrugged, as I thought, how much cooler can a person get to be having believable lies at the tips of their tongue? Wait, that was not a lie. The chapter is (so I have heard because I haven't opened the book all term) really hard… err… difficult, I mean.

As the teacher walked in, proceeding to switch the lights off and projector on, the class fell quiet. A slideshow of pictures of ruins and ancient architecture was displayed, as the teacher lectured about the Harappan civilization. I would probably go the same way as the guy diagonally to my right by falling asleep if not for a typical Caleb whispering a running commentary in my ears.

"Is it just me or is this a documentary of all the figurines of naked women ever discovered?" he said.

Without taking my eyes off the screen which displayed yet another one of aforementioned object, I said, "Were you hoping for hot naked men, babe?"

Even in the dark I knew that Caleb was rolling his eyes at me.

"Your wet dreams," he whispered back.

I just grinned knowing that all these were only jokes.

"So, you and I catching up on a movie after homework?" said Caleb as we walked back to my house together. After homework always meant that we would go to the late-night show.

"Yup. It's a date, sweetie-kins!" I said.

He made a face, and I practically rolled on the floor with laughter. "Great bit of humour," he said, mockingly. "And, real creative genius at nick names." He added, as if stating a very widely known fact.

"Hey, don't you have a go at me with your History-teacherish mannerisms!" I retorted, as he made a face as if he was really offended. "Git." I added as an after-thought. He had always been the one who could melt anyone by his expressions. He had this certain boyish charm which complimented his sweet face and contrasted his age.

"Oh, you know that you love me because I'm a git," he said, babying me. He pinched my cheeks, "Oh, aren't you the cutest little chubby-wubby cutie-pie!"

I shrugged, "Caleb! We're seventeen, and you truly look like you're acting your age!"

Caleb just rolled his eyes, "Ha! You can't fool me… you're five years old, aren't you, my baby?" He pinched my cheeks again.

"Oh, Lord!" was all I could mumble right then, as people crossing stared at us. I was used to it, we were both into PDA.

After reaching my house, we sat doing homework. Caleb, obviously bored within ten minutes, got his patent thoughtful expression on his face. Every time he went like this, one would learn to expect a weird comment. "You know, Nick," Caleb began. "People think that we are in love."

I laughed, "Well, we have to tell them some time that they're right, huh?"

"Yup, definitely," he grinned, rolling on his side, and onto my back as I had been lying on my front. He covered my body with his, and shifted and clawed at me to make himself comfortable. Sometimes, he reminded me of a cat. FYI, I hate cats!

I rolled over, so that I was on top of him right then, but he would not let me dominate him. We fought in a tangle of limbs and bodies, rolling onto each other, using our hands, legs, and every other part of our bodies, until we both fell off the bed, and on the cold floor.



We both sat on the floor, rubbing our backs, grinning at each other. "You little…" I began, when I was cut off abruptly, as he pounced on me.

There he sat, on me, pinning me to the floor, kneeling on the floor with his legs on either sides of me. I don't know if it was reality, or merely an illusion, but the proximity between his face and mine seemed to be getting shorter and shorter…

Just then, the door split open and I heard my mom saying, "What have you too been up to? So much of noise, and… oh!" She must have taken our positions in the way it seemed to appear, but wasn't…probably.

Trying to keep my cool, but failing, my heart still running faster because of Caleb, I said, "Mom – knock before you come in!"

"Oh, sorry sweetie," she said, though I knew that she wasn't going to knock any time in the near future.

She paused to look around once more before interrogating, "Anyway, so why is Caleb on you?"

"MOM!" I cried. "Leave!"

Finally catching on, she closed the door without another word and left. However, as an afterthought, I added to Caleb, "I don't know myself. So why is Caleb on me?"

"Because… Caleb loves his cutie-pie!" He said, sounding like he was talking to a five year old again.

"Aww…" I said, getting up, almost making him fall. "I love you!" I kissed his hand.

"Yup," he smiled, "I love me too!"

I shifted my legs, so that he fell onto the ground. I stood up, scrunched my face, and crossed my arms, "Hmph! You don't love me… go and get yourself someone else to love!"

We both knew that this was one of my drama acts, but each of us played along with it.

"Aww… sweetheart, don't say such things!" he stood up, came besides me, and hugged my side. "From now on, I am only yours."

I pushed him on the bed again, to laugh and complete our incomplete fight of entangled limbs.

He wasn't going to kiss you, idiot, I convinced myself.

"So, what movie do we watch?" Caleb asked as we stepped into the multiplex.

"Well, anything at all will be cool," I smiled. Watching any movie with Caleb was always fun, just how doing absolutely anything at all with him could be fun.

I soon regretted not saying "anything but –".

"I can't believe that I let you drag me into this," I murmured mainly to myself, but Caleb did respond.

"Well, you did say 'anything'!" He defended himself.

"Anything, but this horrific killer nonsense," I murmured, knowing full well that there was no looking back, and no point in regretting having let Caleb buy the tickets as I shopped for popcorn and coke… at least I can concentrate on the food! I shrugged, thinking to myself.

Hardly did we take our seats that the movie began and I knew that I would not enjoy this very much. I started sipping on my diet coke, passing it to Caleb, who took it, his eyes fixed on the very screen I dared not look at.

In my attempt to block out the ever so loud screams, I started to humming the only thing that came to my mind - a hymn. I am not really religious like my parents, but being dragged to church every Sunday did have undesirable outcomes like knowing a bunch of holy songs. Fuck me if ever think of singing this again. Especially if you're hot.

At this moment, even looking at Caleb did not help. Even though his hands were continuously taking up popcorn and putting it in his mouth, I doubt he had sense of anything but the images on-screen. I wondered if he could even taste it – "AAHHH!" However hard I tried to keep myself occupied, somebody's head being chopped off isn't exactly my cup of coffee. I prefer coffee to tea, you see.

"Nick, relax," came Caleb's comforting words, his eyes averting towards me. "Nothing of this is real, and you are here with me." He popped in another popcorn into his mouth, before reaching out for my hand, and taking it in his ones. The warmth in his hand seemed to cheer me up a whole lot more, as I tried to keep myself alive till the end of the movie, avoiding the high probability of a heart attack or likewise. I rested my head on Caleb's shoulder and felt so at peace.

I would not be slaughtered, because Caleb would protect me.

"Pssht! Nick!" I heard someone's distant voice calling me. I opened my eyes, my mind clouded and foggy as I wondered where I was, and what Caleb was doing there. Before my mind could clear up, I screamed.

"Nick, I am going to take you back home, and we did not have sex!" I heard him saying, with a wide grin on his face. The bastard!

"Okay, if you say so…" I got up, and my mind started to get clearer, as I saw the few people who were there, getting up, and I remembered where I was, and why – and, as an afterthought, I added, aloud, "damn fucker!"

"…uhhh… Nick? You talking to yourself again?"

"No," I said, a little more roughly than I would have wanted it to sound.

"Okay, Nick… let's go," he slipped his hand in mine, and walked me out of the theatre.

In the car, as I bucked up, and Caleb slipped into the driver's seat, the sleep having been shaken out of me, I said, "I can't believe that you can bear me when I am like that… you know, cranky, when I just wake up."

I knew he was grinning, as he started up the car, "Of all the years I have known you, I am now immune to anything you." He paused for a few minutes, as he kept his eyes on the road. "Oh, by the way, my parents are out-of-town and we are to sleep together. I asked your mom."

Sleep together? Mom?

As if responding to my dirty thought, he gave me the finger, and said, "As in, you're staying over!"

I felt a mixture of disappointment and excitement I could not explain.

Author's Note : Just so you've got it clear, I'm going to be writing from Nick's point of view. What's coming next is more slashy moments. Till then, would really appreciate reviews!

-: Satan'z Myth :-