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- By Satan'z Myth

CHAPTER 6: Caleb, why aren't you talking to me?

"Wow, you look nice!" giggled Theatra, or at least the twin I thought was Theatra, as she went over to Caleb and put an arm around him.

Theatra was wearing a pinkish-purple kind of sparkly gown, and her eye-lashes looked too perfect to be real. She had left her blonde hair open, and looked perfectly straightened for the cause. To say the least, she was actually looking pretty.

Petra, however, was dressed like a..seductress, yes – that's the word. She was wearing a silver coloured dress which reached just below her ass. The neckline was too low and created too much of cleavage for me to try and avoid staring. Her hair was tied up in a bun with locks hanging out, exposing her neck.

Petra came up to me with an expecting look, so I put my arm around her awkwardly, as she weirdly clung to me, "You too are looking, like, hot" she whispered into my ear, and a shiver ran down my spine as her breath lingered on my neck.

I bit my lip trying hard not to do anything inappropriate. I cast a glance towards Caleb who was looking awkward and said, "So, ladies, let's go."

We walked into the auditorium of our school which had been nicely decorated. There were chairs arranged all around the hall, with tables pushes against a particular section which had the food. There were streamers and balloons, all in red, pink and white, decorating the hall, and nice banners hung around. It had a dazzling, sparkling effect.

I was about to go over to Caleb and comment on the decoration, and just talk, but Petra saw that, and putting a hand with perfectly manicured nails on my chest, she said, "Let's go and get some drinks…" I cast an apologetic glance towards Caleb and followed Petra's lead. Caleb did not like new people very much, so I hoped he would be okay.

"Heyy Nicky, let's dance!" Petra said, as she drunk the punch I had brought her.

"Okay," I smiled. The decoration and music had evidently had it's effect on me, and I was in the mood to have fun.

I stepped onto the dance floor, as "Dead on arrival" by Fall Out Boy started playing. Petra screamed, "Ooohh…I love this song! Pete Wentz is so totally hot!" I smiled, as we started to dance.

Petra danced all over me, and I too enjoyed in the attention, as our bodies danced in perfect rhythm with each other. Our eyes interlocked on several occasions, and I could feel something magical between us…time seemed to pass, and I was enchanted by the fact that I was actually enjoying myself.

As the evening came closer to it's end, I found myself smiling more and more. As we took a break, laughing, we went to get a drink. There I saw Theatra talking animatedly to some senior I've seen around. Where was Caleb? I suddenly felt guilty that I had actually forgotten about him.

I began to look around for any signs of him, and Petra yet again noticed and guessed the purpose of it. "Come on, Nick, don't be so stuck up! Let him go, you have your own life to handle…"

With that, she pulled me into the crowds. I shook thoughts of Caleb out of my head, as the last notes of the previous song faded. "This is the last song of the evening, this one's for all the ladies," ran out the voice of the DJ who had come.

Unmistakable by the Backstreet Boys began to play. Petra squealed, and came closer. She placed my hand on her waist and took the other in her hand. She placed her head on my shoulder, and I could not help but feel a little uncomfortable. I was not someone who liked to go near people I was not all that comfortable with. However, we danced, and yet again I seemed to lose my senses to that magical feeling that had previously overtaken me. As the song came to an end, I found my arms wrapped around Petra, and her hugging me back. Our eyes linked again, and her lips met mine.

As surprising as it may be, it was my first real kiss on the lips. And, somehow, it was not as magical as everyone said it was. As she broke contact, she looked up at me, and said, "My parents are out of time, want to come home with me?" An accentuated thrust of her bust and pouting followed. I felt as if I was under some kind of spell, and probably would have said a yes. But, just then, my eyes landed on Caleb sitting alone in one the chairs thrust against the walls. The hall was nearly empty, and Caleb seemed to be desolate. He was tugging at his sleeve, and staring at his feet. It suddenly hurt a lot…

And Petra didn't seem all that magical anymore. I looked at her as a whore trying to get into my pants. "Petra, stop…" I said, as her hand moved down my back.

"What, Nick-darling?" she said in a whiny voice which suddenly irritated me. She batted her eye-lashes as her hands reached my ass.

I did not want to create a scene or show her disrespect, so I didn't push her away. "I said STOP!" There was finality in my voice.

She moved away from me and looked at me with big hurtful eyes. Fake it all yelled out. I cast her a slightly disgusted look and said, "I'll call you…good night!"

I watched her leave, knowing that she was most definitely cursing me. Honestly, I did not care…as I walked up to Caleb who was looking so very down…

"Caleb, come…let's go…" I said, putting out my hand for him.

He took my hand and got up, but still did not look up at me. All I suddenly wanted to do was apologise, but I did not know why I was to apologise.

"You are going to sleep over at mine, right?" I said, as we walked outside to the nearly deserted parking lot. There were random couples still making out among the bushes, but let's not get to them.

My efforts at conversation failing for once in my life, as Caleb still merely nodded, shrugging. Yes, he would stay with me, because that was what we had planned. Somehow, it seemed like an obligation right then…

We drove back in my car silently, and I felt awfully guilty…yes, for forgetting about him, even when I knew that he didn't like new people, even when I saw Theatra flirting with another guy, just because Petra had asked me to forget him, just because of Petra…

We ascended up to my room, as I thanked God for the co-incidence that neither my brother nor John was there as we returned. They would surely question the silence. As we got to our room, I finally got tired of his silence.

"Caleb, why aren't you talking to me? Come on, Cal…talk to me! What did I do wrong?" I started, trying not to sound impatient, and failing badly at it. He still did not reply, and I finally said, "Fine if you don't want to talk to me, if you don't care that you're making me feel miserable…"

That seemed to be the right chord to strike, for Caleb looked up at me. Almost instantly I wished that he hadn't, because he looked so sad, so broken.

"Nick, no, don't be sad…it's not your fault…am sorry I am being like this, I'm just…" He looked away once more, "Sorry that…" he muttered something after that, but I could not hear. Perhaps it was not meant for me to hear.

I crawled up behind him. He was sitting on the side of the bed. I put an arm around his neck and placed my chin on his shoulder. "Come on, Caleb…" I whispered in a voice calmer than I felt. "I don't like it when you're down…I want you to smile, I want to be happy. Why are you so sad, please tell me…"

Caleb's body relaxed against me, as he turned his face slightly. "It's just that…I'm feeling lonely, as if nobody cares about me…" He turned away once more.

"Did Theatra tell you something, Cal?" If so, I would kill the bitch, but I did not add that as it would not be, evidently, very comforting and suiting to the mood of the situation.

"No, it's…I didn't feel happy with Theatra. She's a nice girl, I talked to her a bit today, but she doesn't have what I want, Nick…do you get me? Every moment I spent with her, it felt like I was going wrong somewhere…I feel as if I don't know who I am. Nick, Nick, please don't leave me…I don't know what is happening, but please don't stop loving me…I need you." He paused for some time. "I'm sorry for being so sentimental. I am acting too immatu…"

He didn't get to complete his sentence as I pulled him around, and hugged him. I held him, as if I would never let go…as if I would protect him forever.

"You know, I get so fazed by things that happen everyday, I rarely realize that I don't do this enough…Half the people in the world would think it's stupid, or probably laugh but…Caleb Nickerson, I want to thank you for being the best goddamn thing that has ever happened to me and I'm so lucky to have you…" Caleb's arms around me tightened a bit, and I felt comforted a bit by that. "I promise you, I'll never leave you…You're my most bestest friend in the world, Caleb, I love you…"

"I love you too, Nick." Caleb said. "I'm sorry if I ever hurt you…I never intend to, really…if you don't like something about me, tell me, I'll change..."

"Caleb, stop...you're perfect the way you are, I would never want you to change. I just want to be friends always...Caleb, I promise you today, I'll never hurt you, and I'll never let you cry tears of sorrow..." I meant each and everything that I said.

We held on for a few moments, before we were rudely interrupted by Caleb's stomach growling. "Come on, Caleb...let's go see if there's any pizza left..."

He smiled, and we broke our embrace. Just then, I realized that I was crying.

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