Chloe Neslo's eyes jolted open. She was breathing hard, sweat poured from the 14 year old's face, and terror filled her eyes. She looked at her nightstand clock. It read 3:12. "Ugh..." she groaned. Third time in three hours. What dream was she having that kept waking her up? And why couldn't she remember it? She sighed again as she laid her head back on her pillow and drifted off into sleep.

It was coming. She had to get away from it…Just what it was, she didn't know. She just knew she had to run. And now. Her legs felt like they weighed 100 pounds. She tried to run, to get away from it. She grew tired very quickly, and within seconds she collapsed to the ground. Turning, she saw it. Before she could scream it was upon her...

Again Chloe woke up sweating, her body tense with fear. She remembered a little of it this time, that had to be somewhat of a good sign, right? She glanced at her clock again, 4:28. She had to get up in two hours; the question was, would she wake up two more times? She tried to get back to sleep, but soon figured out it was a lost cause. Her body refused to get back to sleep without some answers. What did these dreams mean? They weren't your average nightmares from eating before bed or whatever. They meant something. They had to.

Quietly she snuck upstairs to the main floor from her bedroom in the basement, careful not to wake her parents or sisters; she knew she'd never hear the end of it if she did. On the way through the kitchen, she grabbed a water bottle from the fridge, and then sat down at the computer in the living room. "This should clear my thoughts," she thought to herself.

She checked her e-mail and her Myspace. Nothing. She logged onto MSN messenger. Chrissy was on, Chloe smiled while she rolled her eyes and typed.

angelfromheaven18: hey chris chris, what r u doin up?

butterflywings522: actually, i haven't gone to bed yet, i was just about to head there when you got on. what about u?

angelfromheaven18: i had this really strange dream. a couple of them actually, couldn't get back to sleep. i just feel like they mean something. but i don't want to keep you up, go to sleep.

butterflywings522: no way girl. it's a summer night, all nighters aren't out of the ordinary. what were the dreams?

angelfromheaven18: actually, they were more of nightmares. i woke up breathing hard and stuff. i did that quite a few times. but i only remember the last one...

butterflywings522: they were that troubling and you only remember one??

angelfromheaven18: i didn't even remember them the second i woke up

butterflywings522: wild...

angelfromheaven18: i know.

butterflywings522: so what was the one you remember?

angelfromheaven18: that's the thing, it doesn't make sense at all. i was running from...something, i don't know what...and then i fell and it caught up to me and everything went white, then pitch black, then I woke up sweating.

butterflywings522: kinda creepy

angelfromheaven18: your telling me. i've been having these dreams for...a week. this is the seventh night in a row.

butterflywings522: oh wow...hey! don't you have work tomorrow?

angelfromheaven18: yeah, i have to be up in an hour

butterflywings522: i love you, but you need to go to bed and so do I.

angelfromheaven18: i know i know, love you too goodnight.

butterflywings522: good night!

angelfromheaven18 logged off at 5:02 AM

Chloe was doing better. She had been dream free for a month. Today had been a good day at work, and everything was perfect. "Almost too perfect..." Chloe thought. Her parents had been extra nice to her lately, with no reason why. What if's filled Chloe's head, but she pushed them out. No, this was a good day, there doesn't have to be a bad to everyday. She was in her room playing Sims on her laptop when her mom called her into the living room. Something in her mom's tone brought all her what if's back.

When she reached the living room, she saw her whole family. Her mom and dad were on the love seat, her 17 year old sister Angel was on the couch with her younger two sisters, who were 9 year old twins, Kathryn and Kelsey. As soon as she entered Angel spoke up, "OK mom, now spill it, what's up with the big gathering?" Her mom drew a deep breath, "Kids," she spoke carefully, "We are going to move."



It was her sisters that were asking the logical questions, but all Chloe could yell was, "No!"

Her parents and sisters immediately became quiet and looked at her curiously; Chloe spoke again, "We can't be moving. I start school in 2 months, I'll be moving into the dorm and I'll need help. You guys can't move too far away to bring me to the school. And I can't leave our church; I've gone there since I was born. We can't be moving. We just can't."

Her mom sighed, "Sweetie, please be more reasonable. Let me answer some questions one at a time. We will be moving to Grandma and Grandpa's old house..."

"We'll be living with Grandma and Grandpa?" Kelsey interrupted, sounding excited and disgusted at the same time. "No," their mom said patiently, "Grandma and Grandpa live in a nursing home now remember? They moved there about two months ago." "Oh yeah," Kelsey said quietly. Their mom continued, "We'll be moving on August 23, the same day you start school, Chloe."

"So you'll be moving into a house instead of helping me move into the dorm..." Chloe started. "No!" her mom said, then almost begging she said, "Please don't completely dismiss the idea. Please just hear me out. Our new house will be so close to the school you could be a village student if you want!"

Fear flashed in Chloe's eyes. She'd been dreaming of moving out and being a dorm student for her freshman year since she was 10. "Out of the question," she said firmly.

"More respect, please!" Her mother tried to keep her temper under control. "You can be in the dorm, you just won't have as much help as some other parents can do for their kids, but you'll survive! Now," she took another deep breath and let it out slowly, "there's one more small thing." Chloe had tears in her eyes, but she didn't want her family to see her cry so she inched toward the door. But her mom stopped her, "You'll wanna hear this Clo. The old farmhouse where your grandparents lived, and where I lived as a little girl, is very old and hasn't been lived in for a few months. It's gonna take us a while to get it ready to live in, so while we're waiting for it to be finished, we'll be living in your cousin Jackie's basement."

Chloe couldn't take anymore. She ran out of the living room and down to her bedroom. She fell onto her bed and let the tears come. "We can't move! We can't! Not into a basement like a family of homeless people! Not out of Holland!" she screamed into her pillow. She fell asleep crying into her pillow.

When she woke up, her pillow was wet with tears and she was hiccupping. Her clock read 12:06, she had missed supper and she was hungry. She went upstairs to a silent house and grabbed a graham cracker. She had slept for long enough; she needed to talk to someone now. She sent up a silent prayer for someone to be online. She flipped on the small lamp on the computer desk and sat down.

As she reached down to turn on the computer she noticed something on her leg. She looked a little closer and sure enough there were scratches all over her leg. They weren't just any scratches either; they were scratches that came from fingernails. In her fit of anger, she had scratched her legs ruthlessly with her fingernails and therefore had left nasty looking scratches on her upper legs, right where her jean shorts ended. All of the sudden she had a flashback to the dreams she had had a month before. Why those came into her head now, she did not know.

She made a mental note to try not to scratch again as she turned on the computer. She saw that Chrissy was on. She smiled at her friend's late night habits, and messaged her. She had a feeling she'd be talking well into the night.