One million dreams left undone
One million songs left unsung
One million kisses never taken
One million feelings never shaken

One million lungs never used
One million rights never abused
One million thoughts never made
One million prayers never prayed

One million people who aren't real
One million people who'll never steal
One million people who have no choice
One million people without a voice

One million daughters never hugged
One million siblings never bugged
One million husbands never wed
One million words never to be said

One million things that are only cells
One million things we all know well
One million things that don't have life
One million things taken away with a knife

There are many more than one million of these
But they are treated like some sort of disease
Broken and murdered through selfish fear
They cry without voices and we refuse to hear

We are told they aren't children until a certain time
And to take away a knot of cells really is not crime
To take away this would be to take away a choice
But we've already done so to the ones without a voice

Doctors say that they shall protect life in every way
But I don't see how I could believe any word they say
When deaths are forced in multitudes with plastic fingertips
Promising every woman protection from their accidental slip

There doesn't seem to be any truth anymore
When the sacredness of life is easy to ignore
When children are not a blessing but a chore
And every unborn child now is thrown into this war

Thousands of children die today
But not quite in the way you'd say
They're not really lined against a wall
Each one shot down until they fall
Against the ground hard and cold
Every child's story never to be told

But they are still deaths you should know
If they had lived they would have grown
And became "real" people like you and me
Ones that could laugh and ones that could be

I'm fighting for their lives today
I'm falling on my knees to pray
That some of them will get to live
Because they deserve all we can give

For they are much more than just a gift from above
They are children and new life who deserve all our love
Today make a choice that is made by few
Because that dead baby could have been you

Thank you for whoever has taken the time to read this. I just want to say I'm not looking for an argument, and if you try to change my mind it won't work. I don't mind you stating your opinion, but I don't want to fight. This is dedicated to the thousands of babies dying today, and the 1.35 million who will die this year in the United States. Thank you.