Just an ordinary man, a simple man
But he was looking straight towards me.
Eyes so of a hazel, made my heart melt,
Hands so inviting, made me come inside.
If only I'd known what was behind the beauty:
A diseased addict.
A disaster.
A deciever.
Still, I let him hold me in his hands,
I was his actress and I read his scripts,
I was his puppet and I moved where he would direct.

How is it deniable that I loved this?
How can I say that I never once regretted it?
Days became lovely, smiles became usual
I hadn't known happiness.
And then I had it.


...were my dream.
Everything I ever wanted, was in you.
Anything I could ever dream of... you.
But you were so much more than a figment of imagination,
so much more than what you seemed.
More than I could handle.
I'm ashamed to say, I thought I could.

Wild and far-fetched, I run after you.
You're so intense, so insane,
I'm not lion-tamer, but I'll take a whack at it.
I keep trying to pull your reigns,
and you're stepping all over my feet.
My bones crack under you, but oh! I want you, so bad.
I know I can't control you, but I just keep trying.

I'll wear you around my neck,
you'll choke me until I lose my breath.
And yet, I'd do it all again
just to adorn your heart along my collarbone.
Kiss me, darling,
I want to feel your heartbeat pound it's musical notes onto my chest,
it thumps a song that's been beautifully composed.
I want to be apart of your song.
I want to you to be apart of me.

Alongside your fancy compositions of music,
was a lie inside a pretty velvet bag
tied with adoring bows.
Slipping me your present,
you whisper:
"I love you."
Why was I so surprised?
How could I have opened this gift to already know what it contained?

I'll tell you why.

I want you.
So, so bad.
And you've already consumed me.
Captivating everything I am,
you are becoming my life!
Am I loving every minute of it?

I wish I could've voted 'yes'.

I need you to know
I'm trying so hard to let you go
You're so beautiful, so insane, so devine
But even the most gorgeous compromisers can't hide behind sparkles.

I'm taking my heart back.
I need it all back,
back in my own hands.