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One windy afternoon, I was walking home from school. The wind wisped my black, curly hair in my face, but I did not let it bother me. I battled the wind as I tried to approach the nearest street intersection; I needed to be home soon.

I was pondering deeply on my way home. I was trying to figure out why things were beginning to be so…depressing. I was wondering why someone had abandoned me, that person with those kind eyes and gentle face…why had he betrayed me? Maybe…maybe I did something wrong…something that hurt him…but why does he ignore me…?

Why does he act as if I am not there? Why does he only give me a curt nod, or nothing at all?

What happened?

These were my thoughts. As you can see, I had been severely hurt for a deed I could not recall. How long had I been hurting? Maybe sometime after the incident. I never fully understood how and when it happened…

By the time I snapped out of my depressing thoughts, I realized that I was in a completely different place; somewhere totally unfamiliar.

I began searching for a way home. I took every route possible, hoping that it would lead back to the intersection, and I would continue home again…

Hope was all in vain.

I kept on searching; taking route after route, hoping, even though I knew that it was pretty much hopeless.

By the time I stopped for a rest, I was exhausted.

I looked around, gasping, crying, and hoping for signs of home. But the truth remained clear:

I was lost.

I was so weak; I fell on my knees and sank to the sidewalk. After that, I recall nothing.