His warm lips gave tingles all over my body. I knew that he was just acting, that he was not really kissing me, but it felt real. For that moment, I was not Miriam Walters. I was not a boyish girl that everyone picked a fight with.

I was a beautiful girl with feelings.

I was loved.

His strong arms embracing me caused me to feel comfortable, yet unsure of what to do. But most of all, his eyes. For some reason, they seemed familiar.

Like I had experienced this before.

He finally let go of me. I looked into his eyes, like I had done with Mark for months during rehearsals.

But now it felt different.

"Wow Julius..." I muttered. Before I realized what I had done, everyone gasped. I had given the audience the wrong idea.

"N-no...not that way..." I tried to assure them. I glanced back at the director. Her face was fuming.

I turned back to Julius. His face was deep red, his eyes shining with surprise. "What do you mean then" he asked softly.

I gasped a bit. He had spoken to me. He had uttered a few words toward me. I had missed his kind voice. This was his first time talking to me in a long time.

"I..." I began, but then stopped. I wanted to think about how I really felt that moment. It was a very strange event to start thinking about my feelings, but I knew it was for the best. I looked into Julius' eyes. They were swirling in kindness and compassion. I saw God's eyes in that boy.

I think he was my angel.

I started to ponder deeply. I remembered the night after I started to get into 7th grade fights. I had prayed to God to help me in anyway possible. I wanted someone to save me from my horrible life.

I saw a light in his eyes.

And then I knew.

Mark was the first to accept me. He had shown me how to trust someone else. He had shown me that not all men were evil. He had shown me how to smile.

But Julius, he was the first to love me. He had shown me how to hold out my hand and cry for help. He had shown me that a helping hand would always be stretched out for me. His hand, I knew. He had shown me how to be truly happy.

I loved Julius.

From the day we met, I had felt something strange. Something I could not name. Something...that I thought impossible. Subconsciously, I knew that I was in love with Julius, but I thought that it was impossible for a 9th grader to love a small 7th grader. I thought that he only thought of me as a childish brat.

When I met Mark Anthony, I unknowingly forced a crush on him. I subconsciously convinced myself that he was some kind of Julius' clone. I thought that it would be the same.

I was wrong.

I knew that Julius probably just loved me like a little sister, but I would love him as a man.


I felt hot tears sting my eyes. I could not take this anymore. The love notes were from someone I did not know. The man I loved surely did not love me. I felt like my life was getting hopeless.

I ran from the stage, not caring that the director was going to scream at me for the rest of my life. If I was alive, that is.

I did not want to feel any more broken hearts. I wanted away from this world.

"I am sorry God..." I muttered to myself. I reached the top of the auditorium. I ran the edge and looked down. It won't take long... I thought.

My child...

I glanced up. I thought that I heard someone. My tears rapidly poured to the ground as I swung my head side to side, trying to find the speaker.

My child, think about what you are doing...

I then understood what was happening.

God was talking to me.

If you end your life on earth, yes you will meet me in heaven, but I have a job for you. I do not want you to end your life without a thought.

I wept as I realized what I was about to do. A rash, stupid thing. I was about to end my life, and probably end all possibilities of future happiness.

As I cried, I felt a warm presence surround me. Thank you Lord... I thought.


I glanced up to see Julius, his dark eyes softened. "Julius..." I muttered.

I did not know what took over my body, but before I knew it, I had flung myself to him in a hug. I expected him to shove me away, and tell me to back off, but he did none of that.

He held me.

I heard myself utter some unforgettable words. "J-Julius..." I began, "I...I love...you..."

He looked at me, his kind eyes searching me puzzlingly. "Could you repeat that...?" he asked softly.

I was sure that I was rejected. Part of me wanted to cry, but a stronger part of me said, "I said, I love you. I love you. I LOVE YOU!"

He held up my head and gave me a passionate kiss. For a long time, he held me, stroking my hair. Finally he spoke. "You don't know how long I was waiting to hear those words..." he told me tenderly.

Tears began to well up in my eyes. Not tears of sorrow, but tears of joy. He softly stroked them away. He looked down at me. "Do you remember that boy who nursed you to health?" he asked.

I looked at him, puzzled. "Yes, I do."

He smiled softly. "Would you like to meet him?"

I looked at him and gasped. He was the mysterious boy! He was the one who had sent me all of those love letters. As I remembered their contents, I realized that they had been hints to guess who he was.

Man have I been stupid.

I looked up into his face and buried my face into his chest. "Thank you..." was all I said.

He kissed me tenderly on the cheek and smiled at me softly. "I think we should be getting back..." he said.

I smiled with an agreement. When we got back, our holding hands, and our tear stained faces told the audience exactly what happened. I heard some snickering, but after a few moments, there was an encore. They decided not to continue the play after that.

Kagura and Emmy ran up to me as soon as we got off stage. "Wow..." Emmy said quietly, a bit of shock in her voice.

Kagura's eyes were beaming in joy and excitement. "You were great!" she exclaimed. I caught the double meaning of that statement.

"Yeah..." a new voice chimed in.

I turned around and saw the speaker. "Mark!" I exclaimed. He grinned. I was surprised to not see any hurt in his eyes.

"But how...?"

He smiled. I suddenly knew what he had done. He had faked the illness.

But what about him...?

Emmy walked over to Mark and grinned. "You may not know this..." she said quietly. "But I was silently hurt after I heard you and Mark were going out..."

I understood right then and there. They were a couple. Mark and Emmy had found happiness in each other.

I felt a pair of hands on my shoulder. I turned to see Julius and grinned. I knew that this was not just a crush. This would last forever...

I overheard a pair of girls gossiping as they past us. They don't belong together, they said. They will soon break up. Julius doesn't deserve a boyish girl like her

I ignored them. I knew that this would last forever.

As I write this, I am nineteen years old. Julius and I have never lost contact. He is still by my side, always listening to all of my troubles. Always trying to understand me. But now, we have much more time to spend together.

Kagura and Emmy still talk to me. We have been friends for such a long time, I can't bear to think of ever losing them. Only, there are some differences in our relationships. Kagura now works at a designer's club. All of her designs have been on the top market. She currently has a boyfriend who loves her very much. Emmy now lives in a cozy little house just a few miles away from my own. She and Mark Anthony are engaged to be married next year.

I have changed as well. As the years went by, my boyish face fleshed out, and became quite pretty. My curls became the envy of all of my friends. I found out a sense of style, and my anger is under deep control.

And my name is now Miriam Liberty.

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