Full Summary: I was fine before he came. I was fine without Andrew Carter, but then he had to move to our small town of 826 people and bring everything I ever knew...crashing down.

A/N: This story has been in my mind for two years now and I just wanted to get it out on Fictionpress. Don't expect an update soon.

I sniffed and grabbed a disgusting Puffs tissue.

Who makes these things anyway? Who in the world woke up one morning and said, "I'm going to put lotion and "magical" softness into a tissue! And while I'm at it I'm going to name them Puffs!"

I blew my nose and the tears that had once brimmed my eyes now gushed out of them; literally. I felt like a fat water fountain, or a big fat Sperm Whale shooting water out of its hole. Wait…that sounds so wrong.

"Oh honey, try not to get the table cloth wet. It was very expensive."

Gee Nana, thanks for the great advice. Now we know what really matters. Not.

I was at the dining room table surrounded by my disgusting snot-filled tissue and my mother was running back and forth; from the dining room to the kitchen, getting me drinks and my favorite junk foods trying to calm me down.

"Mom, it's no use," I whined.

"Those girls shouldn't have treated you so. Next time they throw something on ya, which they better not do again, tell em' what to do with their drinks!"

I sniffed pathetically and looked at my mother with a clueless expression, "What?"

"Tell em' to choke!"

Despite my sour mood I couldn't help but laugh at my mother.

"What? What are ya laughing at?"

Suddenly, I laughed harder and clutched my stomach. What she had said hadn't been exactly hilarious, but here I was rolling on the ground and laughing my head off.

Welcome to the life of Roxxi Lona.


After regaining my composure and my breath, I got onto my bike and rode to Bonnie's Stupid Coffee Shop (...that's seriously the name of the shop.) This stuff is addicting alright. My friend…my only friend, Malayshia brought me here a couple of months back and since then I've been hooked.

Jumping off my bike, I chained it up and went into the shop. The place wasn't crowded thankfully, not that it ever is on Tuesday's. I muttered a small "hi" to Blake at the register and ordered my usual: Double Trouble Tango Mango. It's a chocolate smoothie mixed with tangerine ice cream. There are chocolate chips and loads of whip cream on the top (and a few other things). It's absolutely delicious.

I sat near a window where I could see my bike. In a couple of months I'd be getting my license; until then I had to either drive with my mother or ride my bike.

I sat back and took a long sip from my drink. Looking out the window, a few people walked around the streets occasionally yelling at somebody from across the street. See, here in Tangerine, Florida, everybody knows everybody. Stranger? No. If someone moves here, everybody will know. And everybody's friendly. Well...most of the adults that is. The kids...eh. When I moved here, which was about 9 months ago, I quickly became known as the nerd/weirdo. The kids at the Tangerine High School stayed away from me, but Malayshia befriended me right away. We're really close now and I love her to death. Malayshia is African-American and Indian and doesn't care what people think of her. She's tall, beautiful, and dyes her hair about once every two months.

Her mother, Mrs. Wilson, is a hair dresser and I often go to her salon for company when Malayshia is at her dance classes.

I drank the last of my Double Trouble Tango Mango and threw it in the trash. As I walked out of Bonnie's Stupid Coffee Shop, I caught a glimpse of bleached blonde hair and the familiar annoying high-pitched voices of Clarissa, Marissa, and Larissa. Immediately, I ran to my bike, jumped on it, and began riding towards home.

They were the reason for the Puffs tissue, and the last thing I wanted to do was have a "conversation" with them.

Not now, not here, not there, not anywhere, and not ever.

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