My heart began it's healing
As soon as our lips met
This feeling deep inside
Something I won't forget

My heart was pounding
I was afraid of what I'd find
But in the end it was perfect
A kiss to ease my mind

I felt passion
I felt drawn in
I felt so amazing
I want it again

Our lips touched
Then our kiss sank deeper
I felt so much closer
This kiss was so much sweeter

I feel so happy now
I felt the love again
I can't wait for another kiss
Let this feeling never end

I can't express my emotions
They carry me away
All this from a kiss
A kiss on the right day

So thank you for the kiss
It really meant a lot
I am glad that you gave it
This feeling I almost forgot

I can't wait for the next one
I'll love it all the same
Thank you for the passion
And for easing my pain