I'm Nobody

By Mar871

This just a poem I did when I was bored...

It was a challenge 'cuz I did it with 5 syllables only per line.

Count if you want!

I want to dream here

But please don't leave me

Sleeping forever

In this endless void

You and me right here

Making memories

Keeping you near me

My oblivion

Is all that I need

You are my shelter

From my everything

Yeah, never ending

Don't you want it, too?

Are you listening?

Don't leave me hanging

Photos everywhere

The walls, the cold floor

Faces watching me

The same plastic smile

For once, look at me

Smile for me right here

'Least like their worn smile

Colors change and fade

Like our words unsaid

But please don't leave me

I'll really miss you...



Hope you liked it!

But I think this is the most pointless and pathetic poem ever! The pointless of the pointless!

Oh, well, R&R!