With Love

By Mar871

I was bored...

So I posted this free-style poem here!

But this was done nearly a year ago... 0.0

The sea wallows in its bitterness

Alone at night, so angry and jealous

As I lay with you this morning of dew

You watch me with those eyes so sharp and blue

Ocean waves sing the lullaby of dawn

But my mind travels on aimlessly whereon

Will you not confide in me?

Keeping to yourself, it hurts me deeply

Don't tell me, is this our farewell?

You close up like a clamshell

I am left in an abyss as demons beckon

Singing to my god, it begins to reek of jasmine

And I am left here in the darkness

At times, I feel unwanted and worthless

It's our memories that keep you near

Drifting in oblivion forever alone is my fear

Without you by my side, then what is my meaning?

I should not exist but love is what I'm feeling

When you smile at me, greet me, or even grunt

I know I've crossed your mind even if you are blunt

With love,


Now, this one was okay in my eyes!