Stuck in a place, where words can't reach me
I reach out, but I can't reach you
I know I'm breathing, but is this really living?
I can hear the clock ticking to the beat of my heart
But is this really living?

Enigmas pass me by, not even shadows on the wall
Will befriend me right now
You couldn't say I'm down, I'm not depressed, not blue
I'm certainly not happy, mind you

Just a little unwell

Even if the sun dips behind the sea, and
Darkness coats the land, I can't help but ask
Is this really living?
Accomplish nothing and earn a living
But you're not really living at all

I can watch you party, I've seen how you danced
I've even seen you in times without your pants
You have a pulse, you're still breathing
But I beg to differ on your definition of living

When I finally break free of this prison
Turn the key and leave my cell behind
I'll be happy to teach you the meaning of it all

This world is far too bright and angry
Alarms blaring like we're at war
Even though it's just some kids skating next store

Far too dank and dismal for my tastes
The radio stinks of death and suicide
Sorry, but all operators are too busy to answer to your call.

But maybe I'm too contradicting
Why should I care how others live?
I'm safe here in my little bubble
Death leaves me unscathed, save
For those who somehow get their
Dirty hands inside my chest and
Leave me gasping for dirty air
From polluted skies
Airwaves being interrupted by supersonic sounds

But forgive me for being blatant
I didn't mean to offend
Last thing I want to do at the
End of my days is fight

However, if you could do me a favor
Pick up the phone
Dial my wife's cell
And if I happen to be gone
By the time she answers the call
Tell her I said "Hello."