Opposing Forces

By Mar871

A Free-Style Sonnet

Made with 3 quatrents and 1 couplet. 10 syllables per line. No rhyming, though...

Influenced and inspired by "Simple and Clean" by Utada Hikaru

Under the moonlight was a raven bird

Like the moons its silver orbs were shining

Where wrong fears and blind rage is given birth

Like the stars its claws beamed through the abyss


Unlike the small bird of the golden day

The yellow bird was light flying with suns

Like the suns its golden orbs were glowing

Its slick beak will make thousand winds of flames


'Tis raven can read thousand waves of sea

Both birds are day and night like push and pull

Up and down like sky and sea like yin-yang

The world's kings, not be heard or seen but felt


That nothing is whole and nothing's broken

Each a passion to a being of heart

This was done for an English Honors class assignment. We were studying Shakespeare and we had to do a Shakespearean sonnet of our

own with 3 quatrents and 1 couplet. I forgot a Skakespearean sonnet rhymed, so I got points taken off...

I was bummed, though...