Lost in Darkness

By Mar871

I'm bored, okay?! So get used to all the poems!!

This' another free-style sonnet. Made up of 3 quatrents, 1 couplet, and absolutely no rhyming!

Oh, and 10 syllables per line...

Sonnet 11/23/06

My heart's a battleground, tainted twilight

My mind's an empty abyss of false thoughts

So which my soul is cold and numb of blood

And so I'm blind, like silver-eyed serpents


I envy the purity of daybreak

They glow red-warm colors at dew-y dawn

Willing thousand winds across home with love

Their hearts like fire, warmth unknown to me


But I am the dark and shadow-y night

The star's toy, taunting me with their beauty

I glow a dull light like October moons

The raven my brother, the dead's sorrow


So I'm but a selfish and shallow child

A clueless girl who only desires wealth

Hope you like! R&R!