A Strange Call

-Do you see me?

-I'm hiding in the shadows,

waiting for the best possible moment

-to unleash my deadly venom.

-Where am I, you ask?

-let me give you a hint.

-I'm where you can't see me,

where I can see you.

-I'm where the wolves shed their moonlight skin

Near the full moon, in the dark.

-I'm where the night owls hoot,

With their haunting eyes staring.

-I'm where the sun dares not touch.

Where the sun dares not speak.

-I'm Yin and you are Yang.

And yet we don't mix.

I want it to be all Yin,

and you just want to be Yang.

-Let me tell you one thing

on this starless, starry night.

-I'm right where I am, perched up high.

-And I'm winking straight at you,

ready to send my present as a goodbye.