A/N: This is something I wish would happen to me. We signed yearbooks today and I wished this guy had done this for me. I wont say his name cause my friends might read this, but as I said before this was my fantasy.


"Could you sign my yearbook?" The question could be heard from every direction. Laughter filled the air and hundreds of pens were scribbling the same old "Have a great summer. You rock." Everyone was in a frenzy to find their friends; to sign everyone's yearbook; to just past the time until the bell rang signaling summer had finally arrived.

"Hey Annie, will you sign my yearbook?" Someone next to me asked. I turned to see some random girl–I don't even know how she knew my name–holding her yearbook out for me to sign. I smiled and indicated for her to sign mine too.

You're awesome! I hope you have a great summer!


See how creative I am. I handed the book back to her and waited for her to finish with mine. When she handed it back I quickly read what she wrote to figure out who she was.

I love your hair, it's so cool! You are the coolest and I hope you have an awesome summer!


That helped a lot. I flipped through the book until I found her picture. "Jasmine Stuart," the handiness of the yearbook.

I started to walk around and found my friends all huddled together signing each other's yearbooks, just like everyone else seemed to be doing. Bella called me over when she saw me and practically threw her book at me to sign.

Keep life smiley face filled! Have a great summer…you'll be spending it with me by the way!

Peace and Love,


I handed it back to her.

Really I was one of the kids just waiting for the bell to ring, I wasn't much for pushing through the crowd and finding every person I knew, and some I didn't, just to sign a goddamned book. I understand if you were a senior or something, you weren't ever going to see these people again, but come on; everyone else would be reunited at the end of the summer. They'd be happy and it'd feel so good. Just like the song says. Most of them would probably spend everyday of the summer together.

I was a soon to be ex-sophomore and damn proud of it!

I laid down on the Astroturf the pea brains who ran the school decided to substitute for real grass and closed my eyes. I absentmindedly picked at the little black pieces of crushed tire they used as fake dirt or something of that nature and collected it in my hands. The teachers always got mad when you picked at it but it was like sand at the beach; you can't just not pick up sand. It's like a law, and that law was not meant to be broken like every other. There are three rules that are not meant to be broken:

Newton's law of gravity. Planes are not safe, we have conclusive evidence of that and there is no way you can convince me otherwise.

Picking up sand at the beach or anywhere for that matter. You cannot not pick up sand when it is presented to you. It's an instant attraction that should be given into because there is no feeling like sand running through your fingers.

Don't ask people who look older than forty how old they are. You know they're old, just leave it at that.

I sighed and looked at my watch, five more minutes.

I felt someone walk over–on the damn Astroturf you could feel an earthquake coming–and stop next to me. I looked up and saw someone. I couldn't make out the face, they were blocking the sun which was fine with me, but I could tell he was a guy. I stood up carefully and looked at the guy. It was Aaron Parkington. Or the guy I've had an insane crush on since freshman year. He was a soon to be senior, a year older than me, and hot as hell. But he wasn't the jock, the captain of the football team or any other team for that matter. He was just the hot guy who didn't know he was hot and got mediocre grades like everyone else. We were I guess you could call it friends, but we never really hung out. I just admired him from afar.

"Um…can I sign your yearbook?" He asked. I was surprised by the question and I think it showed on my face because he quickly said, "I don't have to or anything…I was just…"

"NO! I mean no, it's fine. I just wasn't really expecting it." I sort of smiled and handed him the book.

He took a while with it so I sat back down. He finished two minutes before the bell and, as he handed the book to me, said, "Could you not read it until summer officially starts, you know, 'til after the bell?"

"Um, sure?" I said uncertainly. I was used to people saying this, but Aaron wasn't a mysterious guy, not the type to ask that.

"Thanks." He took a deep breath and turned around, walking away. He walked a short distance then turned around with a grin and shouted, "Remember, not 'til after the bell!"

I laughed, "Not until the bell!" I shouted back.

I stayed on the ground, hair sprawled out behind my head as I lay there, thinking about him. As I did, a smile played on my lips. I looked at my watch. "10, 9, 8, 7…" I counted down. "4, 3, 2, 1." The bell gave its last annoying buzz of the year and I stood up, yearbook in hand. I flipped through the pages until I found Aaron's message.

I'm not sure how to say this so I'll just come out and say it. Okay here it goes, I like you Annie. Not just friend like, but the other kind of like. I know you don't like me like this and I feel like an idiot right now, I really just want to erase this but it's in pen, so I guess I'll just finish what I started.

I've liked you since the day I met you, you were a freshman and I was a sophomore. Well you know what you were, obviously. I just had to tell you even though I know you feel differently.



My eyes widened as I read his writing. My head shot up and I looked around the field, but he was gone; merely the first ghost of my summer.

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