Ball of light, and glitter in the sky,
Captured in the palm of an innocent.
Tears of despair and desperation,
Pleading, begging for one hope in life.
For something not to be so hard,
To have the inspiration to smile again.
All in vain.

A heart shattered like a treasure,
Folded and torn, patched and stitched.
It's still bleeding through the hairline cracks,
Drip-drip-dropping onto a linoleum floor.
Still the works tremble over the lips,
"Grant the wish I wished on thee."
All in vain.

But the edges of stars are sharp,
And to keep their wings tucked close - Hold on tight.
I gave up wish I ever had to them,
But the stars are deaf to my dreams.
I bled far too much trying to believe in them -
The only answers written in scars.