Poetic Nonsense

Blinded by seduction,

The ever dancing flames of retribution,

Rain down, O petals of righteous fever!

Spill thy cool fingers to marvel at the eyes of beauty;

Dance in the ever warring sunset,

The battle heady moon,

Slice the sky with thy slender blade,

Caress the sea and burn.


Shine on, O maiden of recompense,

For the years do not become thee.

In thy ribboned hair hide gnats of discontent.

The ever changing flesh of thy womb grows

With a snarling monster of time's hardened past.


Gorge thyself on the beauty of the barren waste,

The dead that follow thee to new life.

Erase time before thine eyes,

And steal not the flaming fury of the sun.

Its jealousy robs the earth of her passion,

And sears the moon with icy death.

Taste the flesh of laden air with thy gnashing teeth;

Whisper delinquent pleasures into the abyss;

Prosperity is thine.


Unhinge the swollen jaw of the rose,

The bloodied thorn in love's side,

Remember the screams borne up for thee.

Thy melody envelops the sinless with blame,

Thine eye glints on the blade of a knife

Hanging to slay poverty with the guilt of generations.

Father to father, son to son, each sin revisits that of its predecessor.


Sear on the walls thy name!

Its ever chained beauty calls strife into the burdens of care.

The dancing amber stars claw at the walls of thy voice

Trickling to stomach the acid rain of wanton murders.

Thy spite ever travels in the iniquities of scarlet flow

Sparring to defend thy forgeries of adoration emitting.

For the blade of a warrior slays the white throat of idolatry

Release, O harlot of virginity! and admit thy folly


A/N: This stuff is not meant to make ANY sense whatsoever, as you can see from the title, but some of it may. I had to keep myself from putting meaning into the words, since I was purposely trying to write a nonsensical poem that sounded beautiful. I hope I succeeded.