he grabbed my waist, and pulled me close
this one time, at his house
no one knew, for no one could
for he was my mentor, a brilliant mind
the man they all said, i could never have

mountainous eyes, and glistening teeth
strong, tough hands, grasping our meet
the powerful hands that hold me tight
cradling my hips, laying close at night

beads of sweat pool at my breasts
he mounts me gently, rocking, swaying
he bends down softly, kissing, breathing
vanishing our deed, the sins off my body
and whispering sweet nothings, in all his glory

this time, in heat, through wind and sleet
alone in clouds of fog, dew dancing upon his eyes
the sky darkens quickly, bringing brazen showers
then he plants a kiss, one single kiss
upon my lips, telling me, i'm his only bliss

this one time, they caught us close
the groping hands and entwined legs
our naked flesh, seen by the staves
i gave him one more, one last sweet push
releasing his life into me, so hauntingly lush