The instability inside
Is slowly going away
Thanks to you I feel better
With every passing day

I hope you are starting to feel it
I hope you are coming around
I just need you with me
To get my feet planted on solid ground

I need you to believe it
To know my love is true
I can't say it enough
I am so in love with you

I need you to be with me
I need you in my life
I want you with me forever
I want you as my wife

I am letting go of the past
Just like you told me too
I am trying to only worry
About having a future with you

You make everything so easy
When I have you by my side
You give me everything
You restore my broken pride

I will not let you go again
I will never push you away
I want you in my life
I need you everyday

I will always be here
Never let you down
I will never hide my love again
Just give me one more round

I will be what you asked for
Anything for you
I want 5 more good years
Even an eternity for two