This is just a little something I came up with a while ago. Hope you like it!

Is There Anything You Regret?

Two girls sit awaiting,
One you love, the other loves you.
I'm the one you hate,
But I'm forever through and through.

I tried to tell you how I feel.
You looked at me with disgrace.
You broke my heart in pieces,
I fixed with thick, black lace.

I should have known it'd happen,
You were always as cold as ice.
Thought you'd change for me,
But I guess I paid the price.

You asked her if she loved you,
She laughed in your face.
Told you you're a joke.
Now look who's in their place.

She walked away with giggles.
You asked for one last plea.
She took the time and told you,
You were too dumb to see.

She knew about me,
Knew all of the hurt.
Hated what you did,
That's why you're in the dirt.

It hurts to be rejected,
The pain you can't forget.
I have to ask you now,
Is there anything you regret?