Blinding (Radiance)

The sunshine is beautiful today,

I wish sometimes it would just go away,

It's painful to see,

Just to be,

Near to it.

You are blinding me,

I wish sometimes I had a tree,

To act as a blockade,

So you won't invade.

Can't you hear my begging plea?

You're blinding me…

Please, I just want to be alone,

Away from you and your wondrous tone,

You out do me,

In your glory.

You deserve better than me to shine down your radiance on,

I know that you want to protect me, acting like a mother and a fawn,

I appreciate that,

I really do,

I long for you to know all of this, and much more too.

You're blinding me…

Take your breathtaking light elsewhere,

Let it follow you there,

Just not here,

I don't deserve your radiance.

Please, stop…

You're blinding me…