I covered my eyes but through
Open fingertips just to glance
Because horrific things are just
Oh so pretty that we can
Gasp at mouths open wide like
The little girl's dead legs now
Bruised and lifeless while whispered
Murmurs of who would ever
Do something so cruel and in the
Same breath speak of rainy weekends
The weatherman says so it must
Be the truth

Paper brings new thoughts as
I feel the thin roughness in my
Hands another crash and bodies
Spilled across our streets we
Ask was it drunk driving this time
Or maybe boys going to fast some
Adrenaline no longer pulsing
Through their corpses wide glass
Eyes staring into our own in
Colorful photographs right next
To the article about the latest
Trend in fashion and our mouths
Start to water

How much more sick can
We get these days just waiting
For something evil to happen
Point fingers and say that's
Sad while our hair gets cut for
Fifty bucks and complaints
Drip from our mouths because
The in-laws are in town and
Life just isn't as wonderful as
All those orphaned kids in
Africa or the epidemic of hate
And judgment overwhelming
Humanity we are a disease that
I can't even understand and it
Seems so incurable while people
Die and others sigh because
They didn't get that raise today

We are zombies to the media
Of dissatisfaction and death
Praising girls who go to jail
And hating people without a bed
How did we get here?