Nirvana Song

The screech of an amp,

The blare of the lead,

The long greasy hair,

The longing to bleed.

A green tattered shirt,

Not shaved in a year,

He was your idol,

He was my fear.

Drugs and alcohol,

Essential want and need,

Long spaced out silence,

Too much drink and weed.

A wife not worth having,

A child lost to greed,

Fan's fearing and seething,

The man longing to be freed

Parents selfish impulse,

A childhood thrown away,

A boy left to die,

Left all alone to wander and stray.

Dead inside, too much to handle,

Alone, overdosed, completely insane,

I love you dearest,

But you loved Cobain.

Now the trigger is slipping,

I held on far too long,

Like he ended all love and life,

Soon you'll sing your own Nirvana song.

For my Him

Jo-Alice Rae