You lay upon your back
A sweet kiss to start
I kiss all over your body
I feel the quickened pace of your heart

You let out a moan
As I caress your skin
You pull me close to you
The closest I have ever been

Our eyes lock
I see the love within
You pull me even closer
Our passion to begin

Your legs around my hips
Your lips locked with mine
I feel a rush of passion
As our bodies deeply intwine

I whisper I love you
You moan in return
I kiss you on the neck
As our passion begins to burn

You urge me on with a simple look
You bite your lip and another moan
I feel more passion
I realize I am not alone

I feel the love in your heart
I hear it in your voice
I am glad to know
I am your choice

The feeling of your skin
Pressing against my own
After we are through
I know our love has grown

Indulging in such passion
Something I can only share with you
When it is over
Know our love is never through