True Love (or something like it)

Would you give up your life to spend a day in my arms? I think I truly might, despite uncertainty.

Those eyes tell me all I will need to know about exactly how you feel when you are in my arms, each time we kiss.

Please tell me every feeling I get is not just my stupidity, my own brain lying to me with every spark.

If I asked you to dance with me tonight, would you come without a second though, a single glance? Would you dare to chance a single kiss for me?

I look into those bright eyes and see a little sorrow, mixed with regret, and it gives me a chill to know there is nothing I can do to ease those fears. I know you wonder if what you feel is real, and who can say for certain but you? Tell me, honestly, why are you so scared, so terrified of letting someone inside your head? Let me be the one to dig down deeply and find your soul, locked away like a stolen gem, and free your heart, once so shy, and bring you out into the pure, guiding light.