Shut Up

Stop ignoring me and acting as if I wasn't there at all
As if I didn't exist at all as if you were
In control here and I was just somebody else in the crowd
Shut up you're screaming too loud or is it just me
But no that's not how it's supposed to be anymore
Because we're all in power in other words nobody's in power
You'll find out anyway the hard way I'm afraid when
You're acting like you know everything when
You truly and really know nothing at all yes
That's right your mind is blank its blank it's so white and
B l a n k
Now all I can tell you is that please
Shut up you're screaming too loud you're screaming too loud
Listen to me please let me tell you one thing I'll give you what
You want for you and only you and I'll have a smile
On my face when I do it too but please
Just shut up when I'm talking because you're screaming

A//N: I know. I'm in a not so great mood right now, and I needed the time to rant, and this is what I come up with when you give me the paper and pen and some hardcore Sum 41/Linkin Park music.