She's a nice girl, pretty but insecure.

She's always been a good girl, but lately has been doing stupid things.

Poor decisions, acting out of control, and she only ends up feeling stupid when it's all over.

This isn't who she is.

She swears him off after every party, but by the time the next one rolls around she's dumb enough (drunk enough?) to go back to him. What does he do for her? Nothing, really.

It's not what she wants.

She's tired of being lonely, but the feeling only increases the next day.

It's obviously not working.

She needs to move on, but before she can do that she needs to like who she is.

Hearing a guy say she's pretty only lasts for so long.

She can't depend on that to feel good about herself.

One is out of reach; another one is no good for her.

I'm afraid she's going to keep going in the same direction unless she learns to like herself.