I like it loud. How else could it be real? Nothing is…nothing is…
I will never be so pathetic.

I like it sad. How else could it be living? Without pain we'd find no knowledge.
Nothing is forever. There is something called never, though.
There is a never. There is never forever.

I want this beat to sear right through me. Sting me. Cringe with me. Only we know.
We can only know alone. So go. Just go. You don't help me anymore.

I want to breathe in all this frost. I want to feel its pulse. It's rhythm in my veins.
I don't need you. I will never be so pathetic. Not like that.
Another month that's gone. I stay. Do I cringe? Do I loose balance?

Yes, loose I do, but never faith.
Nothing is forever.