This poem was done as a group in a science lesson by:



Myself (angelfire25)

I Dream, I Dream

My Perfect World In Spectrum

I dream of a world

Fire, water earth and air, mind and body

bound and entwined

I dream of a world

Emerald, ruby, sapphire, pearl,

these are the colours of my world

Bitter and sweet of dreams collide

to form planes, flat, high and round

I dream of a world

With a blinding sun and a magical moon,

with peaceful nights and delightful days

I dream of a world

Where magic resides,

where dragons fly high,

where mermaids swim deep

I dream of a world

Where roses bloom in the winter snow,

where nightingales sing, sweet and slow

I dream I dream; I dream I dream

I dream and when I do

The pages turn and the story begins