Author's Note/Introduction

Hello, readers! SSG here, welcoming you to my newest story, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes. It's a teacher/student romance (if you're one of my faithful readers, this won't surprise you,) but it's a bit different than anything I've tried before.

While I recognize that some of you had a deep affinity for Teach Me, I unfortunately must tell you that that project has been scrapped in favor of this one, largely because that one wasn't going anywhere. (There was no planning and I didn't have any sort of plot outline.) This version, hopefully, will be like that one but better. I'm working out the bugs as they arise, and I've done a good deal of prewriting. In addition, I have an excellent editor without whom this would not be possible. If you were a fan of Teach Me, don't fret - many of your favorite characters are still here, and better than ever; in addition, there are some new faces for you to get to know and love.

Some aspects of this story (noteably, the first paragraph, the title, and the ending) will make a good deal more sense if you've read J. D. Salinger's Catcher in the Rye, but the majority of plot-type stuff will be understandable if you haven't. The title of the story is a reference to a song mentioned in the book; you can Google the lyrics if you like, though the propriety of the title won't become apparent for awhile yet.

As always, I look forward to your feedback. Happy reading!

Love always,

Scary Stalker Girl