The Joys Of Being Married To A Gay Man

Chapter One

And yes, this is the sequel to He's Just Teasing;;

"Remy, darling?" I asked, thumbing through a cookbook. "What do we want to have for dinner?"

Remy sat there at the island, next to Marc, eating his bowl of Cheerios. "Durmo," He muttered out, shrugging his bare shoulders. Even though his mouth was full, he spooned another bite in, giving him a very realistic impression of a chipmunk. Marc, on the other hand, looked hungrily over at his boyfriend, who was clad in only a pair of boxers, hanging lowly off of his hips.

I grinned at the two of them. "I um," I coughed, to make both pairs of eyes look at me. "I'm going to visit Taylor and Devon and Jay the day after tomorrow.."

Marc raised an eyebrow. "Honey, did I know that?"

I nodded, glancing down at the island where a pack of cigarettes was placed. "Yeah, my plane leaves at ten o'clock, Marc of mine. You told me you two were going to drop me off."

Marc flashed me a smile, making me jealous of those pearly whites of his. "I knew that."

I raised an eyebrow, and pulled a cigarette out of the pack and began to open drawers, in search of a lighter. Marc appeared infront of me, and held one up, infront of my face, so I could see it.

"Here, babe." He smiled, winking at me. "Remy says you're nervous about going to visit California, why is that?"

I shrugged. "Because I lived there for like, six months my junior year of high school.. It just.. didn't work out, and I'd like to let the memories lay where they may, you know?"

Marc seemed to understand. "Bad boyfriend there, huh?"

Remy scoffed from his spot behind the counter and stood, bowl and spoon in hand, still chewing. I, decided to ignore him. "Yeah, actually.." I shrugged helplessly. "But that's all in the past."

Marc seemed to understand, and nodded vigorously, his inch long black ringlets bounced as he did so. "I've had bad boyfriends a little like that." He shrugged back at me, a smile appearing. "But then I met you and Remy.. And I freaked out because you were married to a gay man.."

I crinkled my nose. "Speaking of which, Remy, your family's supposed to visit the week after I get back from California."

Remy-- his mouth was still full, you see-- began to cough and sputter, spewing cereal all over the counter and sink. "They cough are? Are you cough sure?"

I nodded slowly, my face in a look of disgustion as Remy pulled off a few paper towels and began to wipe down his mess. "Yeah, they are." I looked to Marc. "Which means that Marc will be going to see his parents, right? And Remy will need to hide all of your.. toys beneath our bed." Marc nodded, having already known the drill since he moved in. I forged on. "Marc, you can just put your clothes in the hamper in the laundry room closet and they should be fine.. This time, though, can no not accidentally forget to leave your leather pants lying around?"

Marc snickered, his back turned towards me. "Remy thinks I'm sexy when I wear them." He pulled open the fridge and ducked down, to see what was on one of the lower levels of it.

Remy came up behind him and wrapped his arms around his hips, bringing his mouth close to Marc's ear. "Now," He whispered.

Marc's body tensed as he turned around, pink in the cheeks. "b-but, Jacey's here.. I don't want her to have-"

I chuckled, walking over to the side counter to retrieve my purse. "I love you guys, you know that. And you need your space. I can give you that. Besides, I have to go to class, then work."

Remy grinned. "Don't worry, Jacey. You can get yours tonight."

I rolled my eyes. "You make it so romantic, husband dearest."

"Yeah, well." He muttered. "I love you, Jacey bear. And I know you have needs. And you're my wife and without you, we wouldn't live like we do. My apologies if I put it bluntly."

I kissed Marc on the cheek and hugged Remy. "You two have fun, I'll be back in like," I glanced down at my watch, and I felt keys drop into my palm, odviously one of the boys handed them to me. "Around 2ish."

"Bye Jay," Remy grinned, smacking my forehead with a kiss.

Marc, on the other hand, merely smacked my butt as I walked past him. "Have a good day!"

"You too!" I called over my shoulder.

I stood infront of my Acura, attempting to find the right key from my set of.. a bazillion.. when I caught a flash of white in the corner of my eye. I finally found the correct key, and stuck it in the door, and twisted, making my car door pop open. I pulled the key out and turned-- slightly-- and screamed.

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The older version of a guy I'd known in high stood a few yards from me, having apparently watched me come from my house. He began to strut over-- the exact strut he'd still had my Junior year. How had he managed to find out where I live now? When I left California... He was alseep! He wouldn't have known! Tyler certainly wouldn't have told him...

Who would've, though?

My sister? My mother? Devon? Kegan? Tyler?

None of them sounded logical. They all knew how much he'd hurt me.

His hair looked like he kept it slightly longer than he used to and it looked touseled, on accident, though. He must've caught my eye, because he was now openly grinning at me, and it made my stomach churn.

Launching myself into the driver's seat, since the window was rolled down halfway anyway, I slammed the door and turned on the car, throwing it into reverse as soon as possible.

He'd stopped grinning now, and was looking fairly confused-- so I decided to help him out a little bit. When I'd finally backed down my driveway, so where he was standing on the sidewalk, I rolled my window down more and smiled sweetly over at him.

"Hey-" He said in a slightly, deeper, sexier version of the voice that I'd... Oh God, you don't want to know..

I cut him off with a sharp glare. "Stay. The fuck. Away. From me. And my family-- you-- you-- Vincent Otello Zanipolo Romanov." I spewed, suprised with myself that I actually remembered his full, actual name.

Well then, I suppose now you know what to do.