"Psst! Mommy?!"

I groaned and rolled over towards the tiny voice. "Yes, honey?"

"There's a boogie man under my bed!"

"No, there isn't,honey. Go back to sleep."

"Yes,huh!" The little voice insisted. "And he's going to e-e-eat me!" It was only now, when I heard the sniffling, did I roll over towards my husband and punch him.

"Ow, shit, what was that for?!" He groaned, swatting my hands away from him, even in the dark.

"Don't curse." I muttered, and jabbed a finger over my shoulder in the direction of the little person. "One of your children thinks that there's a monster under his bed."

"But it's three A.M.!" He groaned, throwing the covers off of his body. He would go, of course, but not without trying to get out of it, first. He loved his children, but really, he was only going to end up with five hours of sleep as it was.

"But Daddy, the boogie man can't tell time!" The little voice cried.

Chase chuckled to himself as he walked around the bed, scooping up the child as he went. "I know, little man,that's why I'm coming to beat him up." The little boy snuggled under his father's chest, holding his favorite stuffed animal, Mr. Cat.

Chase turned back to me as he walked out of the room, closing the door behind him. "I'll just sleep in Scott's room the rest of the night." I nodded. "Love you, Jay."