a/n: ok i n0 thi5 i5h a wierd title 4 a peom but i wuz watchin tv n this lady in finnlind fownd an 0ktopuss in her show3r! omg isnt that crazy??/? so i was a bit mor chirful than usuwal so i started riting this p0em... then w3n i tried to finish it i was sad agin so ya... hope u lyk it! oh and the 1st part is funn1 but the rest r mi f3llings plz dont laff at th3m.

Im in luv with teh 0ktopuss in my show3r

Cuz its rele kewt

Its draginn mi out of thish paneful blak abiss

With its suktionn cups of LUV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!


Ima tayk u away 2 paradis3 away

From t1m letz go 2 teh boaling alie 3nd

Enjoy dis mizrable lyf 2gether omg I gots

A strike!!211!!!!!

If mi lyf3 was a boaling aLie

It wud b all missis

W1t a gut3r fiftin th0wsandd miles wid3

Lyk the d33p d33p d33p d33p d33p d33p dark AGONIzINGLY PANEFUll; abiss o9f mi tortured sowle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And if mi lyfe wuz an 0ktopuss

It wud b tangledd in ur hare end bitt3r luv

Dat tares mi apartt in manie wayz lyk im tyed 2 a bare

End left 4 ded lyk teh adrvarkk left out inn t3h rane.




Mi lyf iz ending!2!2!1111!1!!!!!!!!!!