Justine said she wasn't a ghost

under the failing mask that

she wore.

Time told us differently, didn't it?


Olivia confirmed that

nothing was wrong and that

everything was okay.


Mary said she was a little

over the top and behind a mask of

raging fire. But she didn't want

everyone to worry.


Lilly laughed when we asked

if things were going okay -

everyone is lying, we realized.


After school they are running

for their minds, and their hearts.

Terror is their best friends and

evil is their middle nameā€¦

rage might play a important act.


And after school they hide away,

next in line for death glares.

Over their wrists, bleeding wrists,

to find the true meaning of ----- death.

Her tears are falling and his blood is

everywhere now. What happened to happiness? The world

revolves around lies now.