A/n: I rly lyked using nummbirs instead of leters but englissh natzi ppl hav ben rly getting on mi nerrvz l8ley so ill try 2 use less. Hope ur happy….betches.

If mi lyfe wuz a color it wud b gray


Little mice


Small persain midgets

Its just on the brynk of turning into a deep n fathumles blak holle

Lyk mi tortured sole wich is far mor blak than grey

A dark sad gray lyk the ocean b4 A HURICANNe

Or a marble countertop in the kitchin of despair and apithy

Haked frum the rock of eternal sadness and eternal war


Sensles violence

All is dismzal gray

Gray gray gray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Im small kompaired 2 the ocean end the happy yellownesz in the sky

The sun the moon

That suck mi dry.

Lyk the persian midget on the carousel

Mi lyf goez whirling by6

Inan endiles cirkle of pane and misery and lots and lots of empty unfeeling mercyles gray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now the virgin gray is stayned wit driping crimson

Of the anger inside mi that I try 2 hide

But now I hav to reliese it

Truning this gray into horror and anger and not gray but a curdiled mess of reddish agony!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Just lyk the murdered persain midget!