A/n: this ish deadikatied 2 tish rly ebil hartles person who told mi I culdn't rite an I shud kil miself. If u fell sry 4 mi plz go flayme her bak she desservies it the hartles betch!!1!

Evry day i post mi fellings on this glowwin wite skrien

Hopin that oth3rs wud undirsatnd

an pul mi owt of this dark botomles abiss

but all I c is hatred

"I suck

I cant rite

I shud kil myself'

Don't u no I almost did?

I don't bleeve in god but a mircle saved mi dat nite

From the cold merciles gun and teh hardd tyle fl00r

Dont u kn0 dat im dyin 4 ur touch

Ur taste ur hand on myne end I kant get over teh pane

Of losin u. im so sry I wuz wrong.

to u it simes lyk im ritin theeze wurds all rong

but im tryin mi harddest

an the pane of ur beetrayall

is just anothir daggir in mi hart

pushin mi even closir to the edge

the brynk

as I try 2 expriss misellf

mi lyfe goez rollin away from mi

and evry time u h8 mi its hardder n hardder 2 retreeive

u betch.