Static Tragedy

He's running away in the night again

Going down that same old path

Not making progress

Frozen motionless

In that same old plight

Same flight

A static tragedy

He's walking alone in the dark streets

A shadow just wandering the world

Searching, not finding

Times just rewinding

To the same old plight

Same night

A static tragedy

He's standing alone in a warehouse

He's given up trying to win

No point in moving

He's losing

In the same old plight

Same fight

A static tragedy

He's watching the sun paint the sky red

As it slowly approaches the dawn

Awed by its motion

Undone by emotion

By the same old plight

Same light

A static tragedy

He's coming home in the morning

He doesn't know where he's been

Afraid like before

He closes the door

On the same old plight

Same fright

A static tragedy

A/N: So this started off as an English project that somehow ended up inspired by a story I read about someone struggling with fractured personalities...