Past Midnight

It's past midnight on All Hallow's Eve
so stir the fire and the pot for
the witch is tapping at the window with claws and apple
rotten to the core
her serpent tongue so sweetly seductive
until seven virtues become seven sins
the fairest girl, banished east of the land
now blemished with rose red drops that dapple
the snow white skin of her oustretched hand

It's past midnight on Midsummer's Eve
so prepare the bed and the heart for
the jealous seek revenge on the point of a spindle
blunt as the blade
that pricks like a thorn in the back
of ribbons unwinding on the wheel of time
the beast that loathes the beauty
sullenly slumbering in a casket set for kindle
yet sweetly composed in her gravest sense of duty

and from the rib of Adam came this Eve
the greatest trick the magician ever achieved
an allusion to the illusion
that one plus one equals three
the storybook reliance that to reappear
he must first be released into thin air
and upon the valiant steed of vanity
he will dispell this noble cause
then to the thunderous tune of applause
in a cloud of smoke and enchanted mirrors
the triumphant return to display all he concealed
from secret compartments the truths are revealed
with curses reversed and curtains withdrawn
he announces from lips that played the part
that it was all just a figment of the heart

It's past midnight on New Year's Eve
so raise a glass and take a sip for
the prince has run off with all his charm and cashed
in with her last slipper
leaving Cinderella sifting through the ashes
of plain pumpkins and miniscule mice
with no godmother of wishes in sight
her dreams of dancing are all dashed
the princess of last night