They say that you were beautiful once
They keep telling me just how intelligent you were
But I wasn't even born at the time
And I never met her.

Apparently in your youth
All the boys were in love with you
You aced all your tests, you were the best
But how do I know this is true?
You are not the person you once were
That person was gone before I was born
You've been ill as long as I remember
Ill and old and withdrawn.

I'd have loved to have met the girl that you were
I'd love to know what happened to her
I'd like to know when you parted ways
Will you meet again someday?
And if you met would she know you still
Would you get better and stop being ill
I wonder what would happen then,
Would the two of you be one again

Did she go away or is she trapped inside
Did something make her scared and hide
Did she lock herself in and lose the key
Would she come out and say hello to me?

I could never understand the person you are now
You never seem to be in this world
You never look about
You never come out
Would I understand her any better
Would I understand you if I met her
Would the way you are make sense to me
Or would I be more confused?

I don't know when the little girl got lost
But I know that you've paid a hefty cost
Cos the person they say you used to be
Has left the shell sitting here with me
Are you even alive any more?
Is she sitting inside that door?
Or did she run away all those years ago
Did she run far far away?

Are you in there anywhere?
Is there still someone to care?
Now you're all alone sitting on your own
Is there anybody there?

Is this really who you are
Or did your fingers get burned when you touched a star
Were you blinded by it's light?
Have you lost all your fight?
Do you want to be like this?
Is there something you miss?
Something from when you were her
And you were happier?

Well I've taken up enough of your time
So now I'll let you get on with what's left of your life
I don't know if you heard a word I said
I don't know if there's anyone in in your head
But I'll just say this before I go
If you ever find her please let me know
Cos I'd love to find out who you really are
I'd love to meet the person who touched a star

I'd love to see you with some life in your eyes
Before your body dies.
I'd love to meet the person they all knew
But I'd be happy just to get to know you.