401 years ago

year 1606

I lifted the skirts of my dress up and ran out of the bakery. I ran down the streets of the town square and didn't stop until I got to my family's cottage. Breathing hard I stepped into the house and dropped the loaf of bread on the table. I un-tied my bonnet and sat at the wobbly wooden table. I caught my breath and walked to the window. I didn't see mother working in the garden nor did I see father chopping wood in the back. I ran outside and called out for them.

"Mother! Father! Where art thou?" I heard the soft whinny of my horse and ran to the stable.

"Marigold!" she was lying on her side with blood spilling out of her neck.

"Oh Marigold! What happened to thee?" I cried and stroked her golden mane that was matted with blood and put my ear against her body until I no longer heard her pulse. I told her I loved her and prayed to God that she please be safe in heaven with him. I walked out of the stable and the sun was setting. Then I walked into the cottage to see Mother and Father at the table.

"Mother! Father! Marigold..." I broke into fresh tears and ran into my mothers arms. She held me while I cried and then suddenly I got mad.

"The barn was supposed to be locked! And where were thou? Thee left me alone worried to death itself and thou did nothing as to let me know where thou was! Thou does not love me!" I turned around, my arms crossed and my mother walked over to me.

"Of course we love you Anna! We were in the woods..." I had a questioning look on my face.

"Why did thee stay in the woods until such a late hour?" I sat in my Father's lap and pushed me off.

"Ouch father! What is the matter with thee?" he walked up to me and slapped me across my face.

"Do not talk to me in such a manner." he raised his hand to hit me again when my mother grabbed my father's hand.

"Xcresious! She may not be thy daughter but thy will not lay a hand on her!"

"Xcresious? Father's name is Anthony!" I said rubbing my face. My father smiled evily and back handed my mom onto the floor. Then my father began to change form. His black hair lightened to silver and his green eyes turned to an icy blue. His features became more muscular and he grew taller. And when he spoke his voice was deeper.

"I am not thy's father. And you!" he turned to my mother who was still on the ground.

"I could kill thou now but thou makes a good pet for me."

"Mother what does he mean???" the sun's last rays disappeared below the horizon and Xcresious hit me again.

"Please do not hit me agane!!" despite my pleas he hit me again and laughed. The moon light shone off of his front and bottom eye teeth. They were longer than normal and sharpened to a point.

"Vampire!!!!" I backed up slowly across the dirt floor and picked up the item that fell off of the wall behind me. A cross. I held it in front of me but Xcresious did nothing but laugh again.

"That only works on young vampires. And I am surely not one of them." I felt sweat trickle down the side of my head and I threw the cross at him and crawled as fast as I could. He grabbed the hem of my dress and turned me around. His fist collided with my face and even as dizzy as I was I was not going to be taken from this world by a vampire. I would not be his meal. I ran as fast as I could but my vision was fading and I ran off course and into the woods. My vision slowly became clearer and I ran through the thorn bushes and sped through out stretched branches. I ran for what felt like forever until I could no longer feel Xcresious's breath on my neck. I came into a clearing with a huge boulder in the middle. I used the last of my energy to climb onto it. My legs ached and my ankles were a mess of blood. I thought all of my troubles were over when I heard a voice.

"Thou thought they could out run me! Noone can out run a vampire." Xcresious jumped on the boulder and pushed me off. I landed on my back which knocked all of the air out of my lungs. I forced myself to get up and run but I couldn't. Xcresious grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me closer to him. I tried to scream but he held my mouth shut with a grip of steel. I wriggled but I couldn't escape from his clutches. He hissed baring his fangs and I bit down on his fingers.

"Bastard! What hast thou done to my father?" he smiled and held onto me tighter knowing the answer would make me move.

"I killed him." and with that he bit down on my throat. The darkness welcomed me and I thought of just letting go. But no I would not. I would not be taken from this world by a mere vampire when I was just 13 summers old. I stood up and yanked my throat away from his fangs ripping part of the flesh. I screamed in pain but didn't leave my guard down. I held my throat with my right hand and used the top of my white apron to wipe up the blood pouring out of it. Xcresious lunged at me with his clawed hand ready to slice and by reflex I opened my mouth and clamped down on his shoulder. But wait, that wasn't one of my reflexes! I ignored that fact anyway and drank the sweet liquid that was flowing into my mouth. It spilled down my chin and stained my pale colored dress. Xcresious did the same as I had. He ripped his throat away and held it. His yelled in defeat and ran off into the dark trees. It felt like white hot liquid fire was pulsing through my veins. Every sense was alert and the sounds of the night had been turned up eight notches. Crickets chirped in my ears and I could see every little detail on the fleshy trunks of the trees. I jumped onto the top of the boulder not having to climb it and collapsed. My head hit the hard surface and I fell into a deep sleep like no other...