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He couldn't think I'm pretty... could he? Hm, won't this be an interesting conversation when I wake up... but... wait. Something didn't feel right. I listened to the voice, echoing in my mind. Was that really Larue's voice? It didn't sound like it- oh no.

Then I was in darkness. Surrounded by it. That same line, repeating itself in that deep, hating voice. Such a pretty girl... such a pretty girl... SUCH A PRETTY GIRL, ANNA! YOU ARE, YOU KNOW YOU ARE! COME WITH ME, BE MY BRIDE. ANNNNAAAAA!! OH, ANNNAAAA! YOU'LL FORGIVE ME FOR KILLING ANTHONY MERIDONE, WON'T YOU?! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

"LARUUUUUEEEEEEEE!!" I shot up out of the bed, screaming in pure terror. At once Larue was by my side, on the bed, holding me in his arms. He kept on asking me, 'what's wrong, what's wrong,' but I was crying so hard, rocking back and forth; I couldn't hear the words that were coming out of his mouth. All I could hear was that voice... that deep, hating voice. I held the sides of my head, screaming for it to get out. With one last laugh, it echoed itself out of my mind. For now.

My senses coming back now, somewhat, I curled up into a ball as Larue's arms wrapped themselves tightly around my body. He made no attempt to brush the long locks of silver hair that were in his eyes away. He just kept whispering, 'shhhhhhhh... sh, it'll be alright. I'm here.' I don't know how long I laid there, wrapped in his arms, crying. When I finally did stop and calmed down for a bit, I looked up at Larue, who's eyes were a solid blue, the most innocent of colors (to me.)

"Now, are you calm enough to tell me what happened?" I nodded, and coughed, clearing my throat of that after effect of crying. The one where you can't seem to talk at all.

"I was... dreaming. I heard a voice say, 'such a pretty girl.' I though it was you, but then it began to repeat itself, and I knew it wasn't you. It was... him." Larue nodded, obviously knowing who I was talking about when I said him.

"He kept on repeating it... such a pretty girl, such a pretty girl. Then... he began to shout nonsense! I don't even remember half of it, Larue I couldn't bear it, I was in darkness!" I cried out, and he closed his eyes, thinking.

"He... he wasn't possessing you, but it was something close to it. I don't even think it has a proper name. It's where you make contact with the one you've bitten, if they're still alive, through their dreams. It's a way of..." he stopped, squeezing his eyes shut in pain.

"Yes, Larue?"

"... it's a way of torture." He took in a deep breath and exhaled it slowly. I did the same thing. My brows furrowed, finding a suitable position that would make me look sad, yet happy to be talking to someone. I spoke barely above a whisper.

"I'm... going to die, aren't I?"

"Don't ever say that!" I made a short gasp as my eyes went wide. What was this sudden outburst from Larue?! He's never put off an attitude that would make one infer that he would act this way! It frightened me so...

He looked angry... yet hurt in a way. Like he'd heard that before, and wished to never, ever hear it again.

"Don't ever say that again, Anna. Hear me?" I nodded quickly. He sighed a sigh filled with regret and unsureness.

"I'm sorry, Anna. I never meant to be so hateful. It's just... it's just I'll never let you die, hear me? I will never watch the ones I love be killed in front of me again!" ... I was so shocked I could hardly speak.

"But, Larue! You don't-" He held my face in his hands, rubbing his thumbs across my cheeks. A light blush laid itself over my face, as I looked into his eyes.

"I do... I do love you, Anna." He moved his face centimeters from mine, and whispered.

"And that's why I'll never let you be killed." and it was all that I could manage half of a, 'but Larue,' before he brushed his lips feather-gently over mine. That warm feeling... the one I hadn't felt in so long, in so many years. It returned once more. It was warm, and peaceful, I never wanted to let go. But, alas, just as before, he soon pulled away. Was it just the tricks of the night, or was there water in his eyes, as that ever-popular smirk formed on his lips? I couldn't tell... but just looking at him-

"Well, well, well." I did the only thing I knew to do at this point. Scream. I screamed because he was back.

"What do we have here?" Larue's eyes glowed in the darkness and he quickly jumped up on the bed, almost throwing me behind him.

"Leave here now, or later without a head, Xcresious," Larue growled.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Such language to one's master should be corrected, but, alas, I didn't come here to bring harm."

"The hell you didn't!" Larue snapped back. Xcresious smirked, showing fang and his glance darted right towards me.

"Giving someone the power to be a vampire when you've only been one for three years was very brave, if I do say so myself, Anna." I shot a confused glare his way. He laughed, shaking his head.

"But, that's right. You left him all alone in the forest of Clayden long ago, did you not? You left to come here, to a new time era. One with cotton candy and..." he looked towards Larue. "...warm lips!" That was the last of what Larue could take. He lunged at Xcresious, who nonchalantly blinked out of his way, and beside me. I screamed, backing up, but all he did was laugh.

"As cliche as this is, darling, looks like your little guardian can't stand me being here any longer, so I can't say it in words." He blinked, and a brown package tied with string appeared in my lap, and without another word or though, Xcresious blinked, disappearing from the room.

Larue immediately ran over to me, asking me if I was alright, and checking me over. He was about an inch from heaving the brown packed through the window before I shouted, 'stop' to the top of my lungs.

"Please... just undo the package. I want to see what's inside of it." He looked at me with those eyes, and sighed, laying down beside me. Tiny beads of sweat appeared on my forehead as his hands grazed the package, searching for signs of anything bad. Nothing. He slowly undid the string, and on the inside was a broken cross, a lock of brown hair, and a fang. I stared at the items intensely, not entirely getting what was going on, but then it hit my like a bullet. Oh. My. God.

"Oh no... oh no, oh no, oh NO!" Larue gave me a look, then proceeded to ask what was the matter.

"... and who is this person Mr. Bastard is talking about?"

"The same exact person I know he has in his clutches... Alexander of Clayden... Laure, we must save him."

"Anna, you have no idea if that creep has this guy or not! It could all be another one of his sick traps; I'm not letting you go!"

"Larue, please! He was like family to me..." The look returned. The look that even the devil himself would turn soft at.

"Laure, please. It's his hair, it's the same cross I threw out of my cell so many years ago..." I sighed. "...and it's definitely his fang. See?" I held it up next to mine, and he noticed that they looked identical.

A vampire's fangs are like snowflakes, they're all one of a kind in one way or another, except for 'blood relatives.' Theirs are exactly the same.

"For all you know that could be one of Xcresious' fangs!" Well, he had a point. But, I wasn't giving up. Not when I hadn't seen Alexander in so long. Not when I had even a sliver of a chance. I flung my arms around his waist, and buried my face into his chest, crying out, in hopes that he would please understand. Please...

"Larue..." I spoke between sobs, real ones at that. You can't possibly imagine how much I wanted to see him... "Think about the people you care about. Do you want to see them again? This may be my only chance to see if Alexander of Clayden is still alive! I'm begging you... just-" He surprised me by hugging my back, squeezing my tightly.

"Say no more, Love. We'll go first thing in the morning. During daylight hours. For now go to sleep..." he held my face in his hands like he had before.

".. I won't let anything harm you." He kissed my lips so sweetly once more before laying me down and tucking the covers back over me. He laid down beside me; I could feel the warmth of his body under the covers.

"Goodnight, Anna. May you have sweet dreams." Thank you, Larue...

666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666

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