I'm some pretty words
Smeared lipstick pink
On an ugly sheet of tree
Swollen thoughts and
Some broken memories

They keep telling me
It's so beautiful and right
Even when it's pointless
Or doesn't make sense
At least I made a picture
What a pretty picture it is

Where did my meaning go
And who sent it away
Did I just start to stop one day
Or was there a reason
A real reason for my mediocrity
My self-pity and disdain

Sometimes I want to scream
I seem to have lost it all
That artist that was inside of me
She packed her bags and left
Tapping away with my creativity
And curiosity stripped away
Making me feel bland and lifeless
Gray pencils scratching gray words
Onto gray paper boxes called poetry
I'm some disgrace now

So here is another to add
To my endless collection
Stretching words onto frames
Of what I think should be
But really have not meaning

My muscles are limp
Slabs of lifeless meat
Stretched with leathered skin
Broken fingers and hands
Thin hair and hollow bones
The marrow was scraped away
Dry shards breaking
Swimming in my bloodstream
A disgusting disease

Let's all survive on self-loathing
It's as fun as anything