Soothe the Mind

Private Felix Barbossa looked at his surroundings. The Special Forces diver was here to track underwater mines, but now he was alone on a small platform, with only his GioAqua suit and propeller backpack.

He was free to do anything he wanted.

In all four directions all he could see was ocean. The sky was more blue than usual, with bright, puffy white clouds in the sky. A few seagulls went by in the cool sea breeze, signalling that land was near.

Felix could almost picture the laid-back Hawaiian music in the background, with the guitar and the sounds of the shore.

He shut off his radio communicator. Command Headquarters wasn't going to destroy this beautiful scene.

The water was perfectly crystal clear, the sun only partially shining past a passing cloud.

Felix tested the water with his flippers, then slowly lowered himself into the water.

The seagulls called to each other, and Felix imagined they were calling for him, calling for him to the sea.

Felix laid on his back and felt the drift of the calm water, looking up at the sky. He checked the fuel in his GioAqua propeller backpack. Full. He had five hours of full power.

Felix closed his eyes, savoring the moment, then activated the backpack.

Pvt. Felix Barbossa skidded across the water in comfort with glee.