She asked me so sweetly
If her lips were plump enough
Chemicals mixing blindly
With sticky oils clinging bravely
Across that smirking mouth

Memories washed over me
While those petals smacked
Sounds of discontent ringing
Like a cappella sing-song noise
Vibrations disrupting wholeness
The security of forgetting what was
And what is today and tonight

When I didn't need the gloss
You pressed your mouth so hard
Fires burned on my tongue
The liquid horrors of ecstasy
Running through my bones
Electrifying motions underneath my skin
Having so much control in my hands
Yet there was no control at all
Chaos a dull flavor off your fingertips
Just so barely gratifying my wants
Those dying hating needs of you

And as I drunkenly walked away
Swollen lips like painted balloons
Drifting up towards the sky
There was a buzzing in my head
A natural high so irreplaceable and sweet
I could almost miss it
If you hadn't been the one
To give it like you did to me

So she pouts and stares at the mirror
While I touch my own chapped pair
Remembering and forgetting a little
Just because it's the right thing to do
Letting her throw down the lying tube
Of kiss-me-again-pink glowering
And pull on my arm away from the mess

There was a secret on my tongue
And I kept it safe and sound
She didn't deserve the natural way
Because that one's reserved for liars
And little girls who turn into whores
When little boys grab at innocence

And suddenly I think to myself
Maybe swollen isn't beautiful