This is the third time I try posting this. FP is EVIL. Just read it. Don't take it too seriously, just have fun, kay?

Warning: SLASH, very mild language, general stupidity.

Finding Rome

Normal's Overrated

Who the heck are you?



My name is Rome.

What type of name is that?

It is the name of an ancient city in what is now Italy.

That was a rhetorical question.

Oh. What is you name.

None of your business.

That is a funny name.

And Rome isn't?

I like it.

I'm sure you do. Now go away.

What are you still doing here?

I think I am hungry.


You have food. Give me some.


Why not?

It's my food.

That is not very nice.

Yeah, well I'm not a very nice person. Go beg from someone more gullible.

Bye, None of your Business.



Why are you back?

I found someone more gullible. I did not think food would taste this good.

You're a freak.

The lady that gave the food said I was sweet looking.

Then why aren't you bugging her?

Why would I put bugs on her? She was nice.

Stop being weird.

I'm weird?


Idiot. Go cry somewhere else.

Get off of me, you're getting snot all over my shirt.

I cannot believe I got it wrong after I studied so hard. I just want to be a normal human.

Normal's overrated.

It is?

yeah, now let go.

you smell nice.

let go NOW!

All right.

Now what are you doing?

I am going to sleep. Nighttime is sleeping time.

Then go sleep somewhere else.

But this is my bench.

Can't you sleep on that one over there?

An old man sleeps there.

Whatever. You shouldn't be sleeping here anyway, this park is dangerous.

Oh. I will stay at your home then.


But you said it was dangerous here.

Yeah, and?

Do you want me to get killed?


But you like me.

no I don't.

then why are you still talking to me.

I'm leaving.

Are we going home?

I'm going home, now stop following me.

When we get home, will you teach me how to use one of those bathroom things? I think I need to use one.

Why do you hate me so much God?

My name is Rome not God. And I do not hate you, I like you.

WHERE exactly are you from?


This is just an exercise of sorts to help me get over my horrible case of writer's block. I'll post more of whatever this is if you guys want. Hopefully I'll be able to update my other stories soon. Evil writers's block : (