A/N - Yeah, it me. Apparently I am in fact still alive. Nobody bothers to tell me these things though, so yeah that's my excuse for not updating in forever. Here's a little chapter to get back into Romen's groove.

Finding Rome

Who's Whom

Hey there Blondie.

My name is Rome. You are Michael's Sander?

I'm Sander's Sander. You Michael's Rome?

I am confused.

Pretty but not very smart… Just like I like 'em.

Like who?


You like whom?


Who's whom?

Ack. I can't take this. I see what Michael meant about mentally unstable.

Come back…I'm lonely.

No. you make me doubt my sanity.

Is that bad?


Oh, sorry.

It's ok, just go play or something.

I'm going to find out how the teevee works! Michael said I could.



Are you sure Michael said it was ok to take his tv apart.

He said to find out how it works.

But did he say you could disassemble it?


Damn, Michael's gonna kill me.

Michael wouldn't kill you. Michael is a nice human.

You really are crazy. Michael loves that piece of crap tv of his. He's going to go on a rampage when he sees it's guts sprawled all over the living room floor.

Do not worry Sander's Sander. I will put crap teevee back together again. I will not let you die.

I'm gonna go write out my will.

All right. Bye bye.

So will Rome be able to put teevee back together? Will Michael kill Sander. We'll see. And yes, I know I still owe ya'll a chapter with all your fav words.